The Woodlies

The Movie

The Woodlies – made up of Curious Nineeyes, fearless Firehead and gentle Sevenpoints - are small troll-like creatures who live in harmony alongside us human ‘uglies’. They notice their tummies begin to rumble at the onset of autumn and set forth to scavenge food from the nearby camp ground. But in a nearby swamp, a menacing gang of Woodlies called ‘Swamp Rats’ also have food on their mind... and will stop at nothing to take what’s not rightfully theirs. The Woodlies soon find themselves disbanded, lost and on the menu of various predators who hungrily await to eat Woodlie for tea! What ensures is a battle for survival in the depths of a harsh winter - but not without plenty of comic difficulty at every turn!
Production Studio 100 MediaStudio 100 AnimationStudio 100 NV
Story & script Cornelia Funke
Director Alexs Stadermann
Producer Jim BallantineAvrill Stark
Distributor Universum Film GmbH
Technical Details
Running time 71 minutes
Format 2D-animation


„Creatures who live in harmony alongside us human uglies“

Nineeyes, Firehead and Sevenpoints

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