Maya the Bee 2

The Honey Games
Completion: December 2017

Maya’s hive is abuzz with excitement, they have finished their summer harvest and a dignitary has arrived from Buzztropolis with an important message for the Queen. Perhaps her hive will finally be invited to compete in the Great Honey Games? But Maya’s excitement quickly turns sour when she finds out that not only is her hive not allowed to compete, but the Empress has demanded they contribute half the hive’s summer honey to feed the athletes. Against the Queen’s wishes, Maya decides to travel to Buzztroplolis to stand up to the Empress. In the thriving mega-hive of Buzztropolis, Maya soon discovers she has bitten off more than she can chew as her appeal to the Empress ends in a spectacular accident. Deeply offended and determined to make an example of Maya, the Empress offers a deal; Maya’s hive can compete in the games, but if she loses, the hive loses all its honey. Maya's Queen is disappointed by her deliberate disobedience. Devastated and determined to prove herself to the Queen, Maya promises that she will win the Honey Games and save their hive. The Queen consents, but reminds her that to lead her team to victory, she will have to learn to listen to others. Maya arrives at the games with her apprehensive best friend Willi. It’s not long before she spots Violet, a jealous bee that Maya met during her disastrous trip to Buzztropolis. Violet barely hides her dislike for Maya, but takes a liking to Willi. Things look up as Maya and Willi explore the games village and meet the other athletes, until Violet cunningly frames Maya for an altercation, and Maya receives her first official warning from the Games Master. Things quickly go from bad to worse as Maya discovers her team of misfits, including her old friends’ Arnie and Barney, aren’t exactly acquainted with winning. Nevertheless Maya puts her best foot forward and in a ball game against Violet’s team they score points for the first time ever. The team improves under Maya’s guidance and encouragement, but Violet now recognises them as a threat. In a conniving act, Violet challenges Maya to a secret race. Naively she accepts the challenge, but her action has consequences that she could never have imagined. Once again she has been set up by Violet, and the Games Master officially bans her from competing in the Honey Games. Dejected and alone, Maya heads to the meadow and finds Flip and his band playing. Flip consoles Maya, reminding her that to in order to win, a real leader listens to her team. Determined to make things right Maya seeks the Empress’s forgiveness. Seeing another opportunity, the Empress offers Maya a return to the games, but on one condition; if she loses, Maya’s Queen will be replaced by a Bee of the Empress’s choosing. The Queen accepts the terms, believing Maya’s team can win. Only one problem, when the Queen, Empress and meadow bugs arrive for the finals the next morning, Maya’s team are nowhere to be seen. In a rousing speech she convinces them that they deserve the chance to compete. Inspired, her team take the field. Violet fumes, Team Buzztropolis will not lose... whatever the cost. During the final challenges, Violet instructs her team to cheat, but this backfires and they find themselves in mortal danger. Maya has learnt that to win takes more than just beating an opponent, and leads her team in a daring rescue. This inspires a change in Violet as she declares Maya’s team the real victors. The Empress, impressed by Maya’s bravery and team spirit, forgives her. Lessons can be learnt by the young and the old after all.
Production Studio 100 Media / Studio B Animation
Co-Production ZDF
Director Noel Cleary / Alexs Stadermann
Producers Thorsten Wegener / Tracy Lenon / Brian Rosen
Script Fin Edquist / Adrian Bickenbach
Music Ute Engelhardt
Editing Adam Rainford
Art Director Simon Kopp
Technical Details
Running Time 84 minutes
Format 3D Animation (Stereoscopic)


Every bug has a talent

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